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Dr Yucht in cockpit
A passion for flight

If you are a pilot who needs a Class 1, 2 or 3 medical certificate, you want an AME who will understand your passion to fly. 

Dr. Yucht is a certified Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for the FAA and a licensed pilot who understands and will advocate for you even if you have medical issues that require an FAA-mandated Special Issuance. If you have decided to transition to the FAA Basic-Med process, Dr. Yucht can provide you with that service as well.

How to get started

Start the exam process by visiting the FAA's MedExpress website. The MedExpress system allows you to electronically complete an online application. Create an account and enter your information into the application form.  Then call 352-727-7755 to make an appointment with Dr. Yucht for your medical exam. Your information in the MedExpress system will be available to him during your appointment. 

AME appointments are performed at the NW 39th Avenue location. 

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