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Steven L. Yucht, MD, FACEP

Medical School:  Wayne State University

Residency:           Detroit Receiving Hospital 

Dr. Yucht has been practicing Emergency Medicine since 1992. After residency he worked at McCleod Regional Medical Center in Florence, SC and served as the quality director of the Emergency Department. In 1998 he moved to Gainesville and worked at Alachua General Hospital where he established the first emergency ultrasound program for Shands Healthcare and served as the medical director for the NASA Space Shuttle Medical Support Team where he participated in launches and landings at Kennedy Space Center. He also served as AGH's last chief of staff before it closed in 2009.


Dr. Yucht grew up apprenticing in his father's print shop in New York City and expected to carry on the family business until medicine took him down a different career path. When AGH closed, he combined his love for patient care and his entrepreneurial spirit to pioneer the concept of high acuity urgent care in the state of Florida. Focusing on the art of medicine, he opened Emergency Physicians Medical Center in January 2010 at Tower 24. In 2015 he expanded to a second location on NW 39th Avenue. 


Dr. Yucht is a pilot and FAA-certified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). He has called Gainesville home for more than 20 years where the weather is beautiful and the people are friendly. He is married with four children. His hobbies include exercising, traveling, flying, caring for his backyard chickens and salt water fish tank and spending time doing anything together with the love of his life, his talented wife, Nicole who wrote this bio.

Dr Don Janes MD PhD

Don Janes, Ph.D., MD 

Medical School:   University of California,


Residency:           Loma Linda University 

Dr. Janes has been practicing Emergency Medicine since 2002. He attended the University of Florida and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology in 1987. He then went to the University of California, Riverside and in 1994, earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology for his field and lab work on Adelie penguins in Antarctica. After two postdoctoral fellowships and a stint as a Naturalist on board the ship World Discoverer in Antarctica, Dr. Janes switched careers and went to Medical School at the University of California, Irvine. As Chief Resident in 2005, he completed his training in Emergency Medicine at Loma Linda University, California.

Because of his background in and love of biology, Dr. Janes was particularly interested in the subspecialty of Envenomation Toxicology, and while working in several hospitals in California and Virginia, he served as the local expert on the bites and stings of insects, spiders, and snakes. He published a research paper in 2010 showing that bites from large rattlesnakes are worse than bites from small rattlesnakes, disproving the myth that small venomous snakes are more dangerous than large ones. In 2014, Dr. Janes moved back to Gainesville. In his spare time, he enjoys kayaking and studying the abundant local wildlife.


Dan Dickinson, MD 

Medical School: State University of NY Upstate

Residency:          Stony Brook New York

Dr. Dan Dickinson was raised in New York and completed a General Surgery internship and Emergency Medicine residency. He has practiced Emergency Medicine in NY, Connecticut and most recently in Gainesville. Dr. Dickinson embraces the EPMC model of high acuity urgent care with a focus on respect and compassion and we look forward to continuing our mission of creating an excellent patient care experience with him on board.

Dr. Dickinson has wanted to live in Florida since he was a child and in 2016 moved with his wife and two children. He is married to an amazing woman who has her family nurse practitioner and acute care certification and works at a local hospital. In his spare time, Dr. Dickinson enjoys weight training and leisure reading. He is an admitted Marvel and Disney fanatic!


Victoria S. Draper, MD 

Medical School:    Spartan Health Science University School of Medicine

Residency:   Detroit Receiving Hospital, Wayne State University        

Dr. Draper is a skilled and compassionate emergency medicine female physician who practiced in Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Texas and most recently the Virgin Islands before returning to Florida. 

Dr. Draper has two children and in her spare time she loves to read, SCUBA dive and windsurf. She is excited to be able to serve the urgent care needs of the Gator Nation in Gainesville, Florida.


Katherine Patmore

Practice Administrator

Likes ice cream, coffee, long walks on the beach and spending time with her two sons.

Melody McLeod

Melody McLeod

Paramedic / Lab Supervisor

Likes good craft beer, German opera and bicycling backwards at high speeds through rush hour traffic.



Billing Manager

Likes dachshunds, carrot cake cheesecake and spending time with her family.

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Mckenzie Durden, Front Desk


Sherry Elliott, Billing Assistant

Eric Lovett, Lead Cleaning Crew


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Michelle Brannan, Paramedic

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Dustin Alford, Paramedic

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Kevin Teachout, Paramedic


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