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Emergency Physicians Medical Center - Your alternative to the ER! 

EPMC Medical Staff

Care for Mild to Severe Medical Problems and Injuries

We are fortunate to live in Alachua County where our residents benefit from access to some of Florida’s top medical facilities. 


However, finding immediate access to a doctor when you need one can be difficult and frustrating.


As a result many patients routinely use the hospital and freestanding emergency departments when they become ill. In fact, approximately 80% of patients seen in local emergency departments do not need to be admitted to the hospital and are treated and released.

Emergency Physicians Medical Center fills the medical care niche  between low acuity traditional urgent care and the hospital emergency department. Staffed with board-certified emergency medicine physicians, our clinic provides emergency medical care for all but the most critically ill patients and at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit. 

Whether you are suffering from chest pain, fever, stomach or intestinal issues or other concerns, our physicians are here to take care of you. Our medical centers are fully equipped to treat patients of all ages. 


When you need to see a doctor today, don't wait until tomorrow, Visit Emergency Physicians Medical Center for excellent medical care in a convenient and comfortable environment.

A locally owned and independent business


Serving Alachua County and surrounding 

communities since 2010

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