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Pre-Event COVID Testing

Enjoy gatherings with family and friends with a little peace of mind

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Emergency Physicians Medical Center now offers simultaneous COVID-19 testing for your party of 10 or more. Enjoy your wedding, family reunion, birthday and holiday gatherings and other milestone events with peace of mind. When you schedule Pre-Event Testing, we open the Center exclusively for you and your guests so the nasal swab becomes part of the party!  

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How it works

We work with you to schedule a weekend date and time for your guests to get tested at our 39th Avenue facility. Before the visit, you provide us a list of names and state-required information so all paperwork can be completed in advance and guests arrivals can be staggered if needed. You contact your guests to give them the details about the pre-event testing and we arrange the rest.


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When guests arrive, we will escort them into one of our eight exam rooms to get swabbed. Guests who live in the same household can be placed together. After the nasal swab, the results are ready in 20 minutes or less. Guests who test negative will be cleared to attend the main event. Those who test positive, will be able to exit discretely. All test results will be reported to the Department of Health as required by state law. 



The cost of Pre-Event Covid Testing includes the test, results and exclusive use of the facility. 

Email NYucht@Emergency for pricing information.


Please email Nicole Yucht at to arrange a Pre-Event COVID Testing session or if you would like more information. 


Will there be other patients in the facility when our party is there?

No, the Center will be open exclusively for you and your guests to ensure a private event. Pre-Event Covid Testing dates and times are available on weekends after 4 p.m. when the Center closes.


Will a doctor be on-site to answer questions?

The testing will be completed by our experienced nursing staff. Guests who desire medical advice or treatment can follow up with their personal physician or return to Emergency Physicians Medical Center during regular business hours to see the doctor.   


Will getting tested before the event completely safeguard our party?

During a pandemic like we are experiencing, testing only mitigates the risk when groups of people gather, it does not eliminate the risk. 


Will we need to wear masks and social distance during our event?

Negative test results provide a level of safety, but precautions such as wearing a mask and social distancing should still be practiced. 


Can we bring food and drinks for our guests while they are getting tested?

Yes, we encourage you to make the testing a fun part of your gathering.

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